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Synchrony HOME Credit Card


What are the benefits of using the new Synchrony HOME Credit Card?

"With the new Synchrony HOME Credit Card, purchases of $299 or more will receive 6 months promotional financing.'

'Additionally, for Synchrony HOME, you will be eligible to take advantage of longer term promotional financing offers, ranging from 6 to 60 months on qualifying purchases."

What is a Deferred Interest Promotion, and how does it work?

"With a Deferred Interest Promotion, a minimum monthly payment is required, and varies based on your balance and account terms. No interest will be charged on the promotional purchase if you pay the purchase amount in full within the applicable promotional period."


What is the Synchrony HOME™ Credit Card?

"Flooring, furniture, appliances, electronics and more, you can put it all on your Synchrony HOME Credit Card, a single card dedicated exclusively to your home-related purchases.' The Synchrony HOME Credit Card program brings together home-related retailers and offers promotional financing for more opportunities to transform your home."

What if I want to pay off my promotional purchase in less than 6 months?

"You can always make more than your minimum monthly payment. The more you pay each month the quicker your balance will be repaid."

How can I keep better track of my statements and purchases?

"1.Register for your account online.

2. Or take a step further and download our mobile app (available in the Apple app store on iOS) to have your statements at your fingertips."

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